Hello! My name is Steve Rogers, but you may know me as Captain America. This blog was made so that you can talk to me or ask me questions.

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Anonymous asked:
Hi Cap, how much weight are you able to lift or handle?

I’m not sure, I’ve never tested it. Maybe around two thousand pounds.


Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite time of day?

I like early mornings, when everything is somehow quiet and I’m free to do whatever I want. I always jog in the morning, which gives me time to myself. I think that’s nice.

Thank you all very much. It honestly means a lot to know that people really appreciate what I work towards.

thelastraigeki asked:
Hey Cap! May I have an autograph?

Of course.

Anonymous asked:
SO, steve, did you ask that nurse for coffee yet?

She’s not a nurse.


Anonymous asked:
How cute is your neighbor?

Sharon and I are just friends.


Anonymous asked:
Do you think you and Bucky can ever be what you were before, maybe even more?(If you get what I'm hinting at).

All I’m worried about for now is just finding him and making sure he’s safe.


Anonymous asked:
Well obviously you're self aware and know that the world has movies about you and the avengers. What do you think of the actors portraying you and your teammates?

They’re all very good and talented, so it’s really nice to see such an accurate portrayal of what we do.

Anonymous asked:
Do you wanna dance?

I still don’t know how.


mackenzie-smith18 asked:
Since they unfroze you, have you been into any sports? Like hockey 💕

Baseball’s always been my favorite. I like football, as well, more so now than before.

tazinthenet39 asked:
Out of all the shields Howard designed for you why do you pick the one you did ?

It looked very different and much simpler than the rest. I was wondering why that was, so I was drawn to it. As soon as I started working with it, I realized that the techniques I needed to utilize were all very natural to me.

Anonymous asked:
Could you ever see yourself being in a relationship with Natasha?

That’s not how we feel towards each other. We’re just friends.

kelceybelles asked:
Seriously though, you are by far my favorite superhero. I'm really proud of your most recent movie and I just can't tell you enough how much I love gou😍😍

Thank you very much.