Hello! My name is Steve Rogers, but you may know me as Captain America. This blog was made so that you can talk to me or ask me questions.

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Anonymous asked:
What did it feel like when Thor hit his hammer on your shield?

It hurt. I felt like my whole body was shaking. We were all fine pretty quickly afterwards, though.

Anonymous asked:
well, how long does it take you to take your uniform off?

Is there a particular reason you need to know this?

harryharryharryhazzahazza asked:
hey cap! i'm such a big fan of yours! I have a question, do you enjoy working with Natasha Romanoff?

Yes, of course. She’s very reliable in combat, and I know that I can trust her.

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever wish you had siblings?

Bucky was very much like a brother to me, when we were young.

dandydoll asked:
How do you spend lazy days?

I sleep in very late, until somebody tosses a pillow at my face or something rude along those lines.

Anonymous asked:
How's that cute neighbor of yours doing? Did she buy her own washing machine yet?

Sharon is fine. I hope she has somewhere to do laundry, because the apartment building is a little bit destroyed.


Anonymous asked:
Do you want to get married and have children some time? (and just so you know I'm available, anytime)

I think that I’m busy enough, and what I do is dangerous enough, that settling down and having a family isn’t really an option for me right now.

Anonymous asked:
If you don't mind me asking, is Natasha and Clint together?

I really don’t know. They’re pretty secretive about everything.

Anonymous asked:
who found you after Bucky pulled you out of the river?

I was unconscious, but I assume it was either Natasha or Sam.

Anonymous asked:
I apologize for sounding creepy, but do you always wear tight shirts?

Uh, I suppose I do.

burrittoepicness asked:
Are you looking for Bucky?

Of course I am.

Anonymous asked:
Captain How does it feel to have a Wife like me in your life??

I didn’t realize I was married.

geektopea asked:
When you first woke up what where you feeling. I mean it must have been strange.

I was very overwhelmed. Originally, I knew they were hiding something from me, so I thought I’d been captured, or something along those lines. It wasn’t a nice feeling.